Siman Ltd. offers high quality foods, food grade chemical ingredients and some feed additives for the animal feed industry. We understand that the success of your operation relies on a secure supply of high quality chemical ingredients. List of the materials we offer is given below. We would organize the delivery, would offer the best possible packing, payment terms, pricing – in a nutshell we would try to help you in every aspect of the business. We also do understand our responsibility in today’s world and its complexity in terms of the food supplies and are trying constantly to offer green solution and to think and live green.

  • Caribbean rice packed in 50 kg, 10 kg and 1 kg bags, or bulk in containers. An excellent quality rice very well priced. The bags can be customized as per customer request.
  • Skimmed milk powder and casein: origin is Ukraine and Belarus and packing is 25 kg bags with or without pallets.
  • Sesame: origin is Sudan and packing may vary according to the needs of the buyers.
  • Corn starch of Romanian origin. Excellent quality non GMO corn starch packed in 25 kg bags on pallets.
  • Di-calcium phosphate: used mainly as a feed additive. We supply it from China and Spain. Packing is either 25 kg bags or big bags.
  • Mono-calcium phosphate: it is utilized mainly the same way as Di-calcium phosphate. Same packing and origins available: 25 kg and big bags from China and Spain.
  • Other food and feed additives: a comprehensive list can be provided on request.

Many products may serve also as feed and food additives, for example, sodium bicarbonate. So, please do not hesitate sending us your specific questions and inquiries, which we will address ASAP and you will receive our answers/quotes accordingly.