The NPK fertilizers are two types: compound and blended and we offer both. They have various proportion of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as well as some microelements like boron, sulfur, etc. in their formulas. This gives them their ability to be adjusted to the needs of the different soils and plants. We offer many formulas and listing all of them here is impossible. Some examples are:

NPK 15-1-15; NPK 20-10-1; NPK27-13-13; NPK 12-12-17-2MGO; NPK 16-16-16; NPK 23-10-10-10; NPK 10-18-18; NPK 23-121; NPK 12-24-12; NPKSB 14-18-18-5-1; NPKSB 15-15-15-6-1; NPKSB 22-10-15-5-1 and so on.

Bagging is 50 kg bags and 1000 kg bags as well as bulk in containers. Origin is CIS and China.