We are pleased to present at your attention the new product that we can supply – Ground Calcium Carbonate, both surface treated and untreated grades. Our product is with high quality, as well as with high whiteness, brightness and purified. CaCo3 purity is more than 99%. The product can be used in different particle sizes and we provided them to cover all industries as we mentioned. It is available in different packings.

Siman Ltd is looking to be buying crude naphthalene on a regular basis with volumes of about 100 tones per month. Please contact us in case you could provide with the subject material and quantity.

Siman Ltd is already 20 years old. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout all these years.

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We need to buy 1000 tones of granular urea per month. Packing is 50 kg bags. Interested suppliers are welcome.