1. Should we consider REACH regulation?

Answer: The products we sell are fully complaint with REACH. They are duly registered. The registration number may be sent to you on request.

2. How do you guarantee the quality of the products you sell?

Answer: The most valid guarantee are our 20 years of experience. In addition, we work mostly with internationally established suppliers and producers who are properly certified: just like we are.

3. What is the delivery term of the products of Siman Ltd?

Answer: We usually sell from our storehouse, but we also order certain requests. In the former case the term is up to two days. In the latter, it depends on quantity, country of origin, etc. Each time you ask you will receive an offer in which the delivery term will be clearly indicated.

4. Do you deliver small quantities?

Answer: Yes. Also, if samples are needed, we can use courier companies.

5. Can we rely on being advised while buying a product?

Answer: Yes. Our long time experience as well our established relationships with suppliers and producers allow us to offer you not only our expertise, but also their.

6. What type fertilizer is most appropriate for the crops we produce?

Answer: In principle the description of each fertiliser include a list of corps for which it is appropriate. We can, of course, provide you with this information. However, for better assessment it is advisable that soil tests be performed. Once the likes of humidity, acidity, etc. are measured, the most appropriate fertiliser can be suggested.

7. What about the insurances?

Answer: As a matter of rule, all products in our storehouse are insured. Transport insurences can be made on requirement.